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At Level Headed Concrete Coatings, we understand the importance of having safe and durable flooring for your home, business, or industrial space. Here are some common questions about our services and products.

When surfaces are wet, greasy, oily, or slick, slips and falls can occur, leading to disastrous and costly accidents. An anti-slip finish provides grip, even on a slope or in wet conditions, making it a crucial safety measure for garages, outdoor or indoor inclines, laundry rooms, pool areas, and any industrial floors where liquids are often used. As flooring experts, we can help you make good decisions on where to put anti-slip flooring for your specific needs.
If your garage floor is exposed to the elements, you’re risking a lot, including erosion and cracking from magnesium chloride, street chemicals sticking to your garage floor and entering your home, permanent stains from oils, and costly future repairs due to concrete damage. With the right coating, you can protect your garage from all of the above. From cleanliness to damage prevention, there are many reasons to coat your garage floor.

Absolutely! Your garage can be used for much more than storage and parking. After your floor is coated, you won’t be afraid to hang out barefoot in the garage and take advantage of all your new usable square footage! Plus, our hassle-free 1-day professional installation is backed with a 5-year warranty.

Polyurea is an excellent coating choice due to its durability, corrosion protection, fast setting, resistance to abrasion, chemicals, salt, and waterproofing properties. It also has no VOC emissions, is chemical resistant, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is tintable in different colors, is easy to clean, expands and contracts with temperature changes, and can be applied on horizontal, vertical, curved, or hard-to-reach surfaces.
Grind and Seal is a flooring process that involves grinding the concrete surface to remove any imperfections or coatings, followed by applying a sealer to create a glossy finish. It is an excellent choice for spaces with uneven slabs or floors that need resurfacing.
Level Headed Mudjackers is a locally owned company specializing in concrete floor coatings. Our trained technicians are best in class delivering high-quality services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We custom tailor a flooring solution unique to each job and use the latest industry standards and technology to make your project come to life.
Due to the nature of concrete variables and how they can affect the project cost, we offer a free consultation with our floor design specialists who will analyze the situation and provide you with a no-obligation written quote that’s good for one year. You can schedule a consultation by answering a few simple questions on our website.
We offer a warranty on peeling, chipping, delamination, and UV stability. Still, there isn’t a company on this planet that can warranty against concrete cracking. However, we use our concrete mender to ensure it doesn’t crack and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

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